Round Counter

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The Round Counter is a row counter for when working in the round. With it on the knitting needle/wire, it is easy to keep track of where you are in your work. 

Place the round counter on the needle to mark the beginning of the round. When you have knitted one round, move one ring down to the next number, at the next round another ring down and so forth.

The Round Counter consists of 10 links (0-9) and is available in 2 sizes for knitting needle 2-6mm and 6-10mm

In addition, there are two mini variants for projects where you have to take in / out on every second round. They consist of 2 tags with: "IN" / "R" and "OUT" / "R".

Select variant from the drop-down menu.

Vegetable tanned leather as well as open metal rings.

Nature. Will patinate and darken with time.

Washing and care: 
Wipe with a cloth and care for with leather grease before using and when needed. Should be protected from water as much as possible.