Garment Name Tag (removable)

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The Garment Name Tag (removable) is a leather strap with a name that can be put through the stitches in the finished knitting project.
The Garment Name Tag (removable) can be opened and closed with a rifle button, so it can be removed when washing and switched between different pieces of clothing.
The Garment Name Tag (removable) is also available in a version that can be sewn into the clothes. A leather name tag ads finish to a knitting project and helps both children and their adults keep track of their knitted garments.

Length: approx. 6 cm depending on the embossing.
Width: 12.5mm
Thickness: 1.4 - 1.6mm

Vegetable tanned leather
Nickel-free Hunter button


Washing and care: 
Wipe with a cloth and care for with leather grease before use and when necessary.