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Note, knitting pattern for Flettedisse is complimentary with the purchase of  “removable” or “sew in” leather snaps. 

Size: 1-3 years (4-8 years) 8-12 years
Width front/back piece in cm: 1-3 years: approx. 20 cm (4-8 years: approx. 25 cm) 8-12 years: approx. 30 cm
Width front/back piece in inches: 1-3 years: approx. 7,8 inches. (4-8 years: approx. 9,8 inches) 8-12 years: approx. 11.8 inches
Gauge: 17 stitches / rows in stockinette = 4 x 4 in. 21 stitches = 4 in. braid construction
Recommended needles:
Circular needles / Jumper needles 5 mm / US 8 for front/back piece
A helper needle for the braid construction 5 mm / US 8
Circular needles / Jumper needles / Double pointed needles 4 mm / US 6 for collar and ribbed edges
Difficulty: Advanced
Suggested yarn: 200g (200g) 300g Inca from Hjertegarn 100 g = ca. 160 m

The Flettedisse is equal parts cowl and vest, which can be closed at the sides with Leather Snaps from Striksakken.
Flettedisse is worked from the bottom of the back piece, then worked with a braid construction up to the back of the shoulders, where the slanting is formed with German Short Rows. The shoulders are worked separately before the work is rejoined and the front piece is worked top down. Finally the long turtleneck is knitted onto the work. Flettedisse is a collab with @marie.louise.spiess.nielsen

Please note that this is a knitting pattern and not a ready made product.