Hat Strap (for Snap Beret)

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Note that the 'Snap Beret' knitting pattern is complimentary with the purchase of 'Hat Strap' - Please choose patern language. The pattern for the 'Snap Beret' will be sent digitally to the buyer's email upon checkout.

The 'Hat Strap' is a leather strap with a snap button that can be threaded through the casing of the 'Snap Beret'. Refer to chart when determing length of 'Hat Strap' before checkout. 
If the 'Hat Strap' feels tight, it can be gently stretched by pulling gently on the leather. Since the extension cannot be undone, it should be done with caution at your own risk


Fits head 


Hat Strap

Snap Beret 
Size. A 

54-55 cm /
21.3-21.7 in.

55 cm /
21.7 in.

Snap Beret 
Size. B

56-57 cm /
22.0-22.4 in

57 cm /
22.4 in.

Snap Beret 
Size. C

58-59 cm /
22.8-23.2 in.

59 cm /
23.2 in.

Snap Beret 
Size. D

60-61 cm /
23.6-24.0 in.

61 cm /
24.0 in.


Length: approx. 55 (57) 59 (61) cm / 21.6 (22.4) 23.2 (24.0) in.
Materials: Vegetable-tanned leather and nickel-free snap button.
Color: Light Tan
Care: Wipe with a cloth and treat with leather conditioner before use and when needed.

Note that the knitted beret is not included with the purchase of the 'Hat Strap'.